Ultimate Black Friday Bundle (a $2,500 Savings!!)

Ultimate Black Friday Bundle (a $2,500 Savings!!)

Hi, Drs. Jeremy and Jason Laningham here!


Black Friday is here and we decided to do something a little crazy because 2020 is the craziest damn year of our lives! And we wanted to share it with you right away, because were only doing this for the next few days. And the best part? YOU get almost EVERYTHING we have to offer at Radiant Skin and Health for PRACTICALLY FREE.


For a very short time, we’ve put together the Ultimate Radiant Skin Black Friday Bundle at a massive discount of 80%, saving you $2500.


We’re giving you 10 separate cosmetic treatments and 3 full medical consultations by a family physician and dermatologist for LESS than the PRICE of JUST ONE Lumecca Laser Package.


That means your getting 9 FREE treatments and 3 FREE Medical consults. But, after this Flash Sale is over, the price will jump back to the regular value of $3000.


Your FLASH SALE PRICE is not even close to the regular price of $3000.


Your Ultimate Black Friday Bundle price is one payment of $597!


Here’s how it works: To take advantage of this special, one-time opportunity you must use the following link:


Go here to get Black Friday offer now.


Remember, when you buy now, you get:


Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment: Improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. 3 treatments $797 value.


Evolve Trim: Uses RF (Radio-frequency) energy to destroy fat cells permanently, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite in a 15 minute treatment session. 3 treatments $700 value


New Direction diet consult with Dr. Laningham. This structured diet program recommends 2 low carb/low sugar meal replacements per day followed by a simple home cooked meal at night which allows you to burn fat instead of sugar and carbs. Most patients lose 5 lbs per week.


Jan Marini Facial: This visibly improves the appearance of skin tone, texture, and feels amazing.

$125 value


Dermaplaning: A skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” from your face. $100 value


Chemical Peel:  A chemical peel is used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. This is an effective treatment for acne and scarring. $125 value


Full Health Assessment by Dr. Laningham: I will evaluate your current medical conditions, review your medications and vitamins, and order a series of blood tests, which includes CBC to evaluate for infection and anemia, comprehensive metabolic panel for electrolytes, liver and kidney function, A1C test for diabetes, lipid panel for heart risk, and TSH for thyroid function. $500 value


SUPERSTAR ONE TIME ONLY BONUS: Cosmetic skin assessment by Dr. Amy Farmer, Board Certified Dermatologist in The Woodlands who happens to be my brilliant, extraordinary wife. She will evaluate your skin and tell you exactly what service would improve your appearance the most as well as the most effective skin care products specifically for you.

$500 value


So if you’ve been wondering what you can do to improve the appearance of your skin AND lose the belly fat you have been unable to lose AND get an overall assessment of your general health by a family practice physician and a skin assessment by an elite dermatologist…


Go ahead and order right now before this CRAZY steal of a deal goes away.


Here’s the link once again:


Get Instant Access Here Now


All our best,


Drs. Jeremy and Jason Laningham

Radiant Skin and Health and Conroe Willis Family Medicine

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